Ancient Peloponnese

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| Culture, Nature, Sightseeing
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  • 6 days
  • 4 destinations
  • From 1.800€ pp
  • 30 archaeological sites
  • Expert travel guides
  • Endless photo-worthy locations

Following the footsteps of ancient civilizations... Embark on a journey that combines culture with nature in Peloponnese. Discover ancient cities, mountainous villages, archaeological sites, sanctuaries, and many more cultural gems!
  • Day 1 Athens-Nafplio
    Starting from Athens, you’ll head to Ancient Corinth. This town had played a major role in trade during antiquity thanks to its strategic position between the Corinthian gulf and the Saronic gulf. At the archaeological site of Ancient Corinth, you’ll
  • Day 2 Nafplio-Kalamata
    On the second day of this tour, you’re going to visit another important ancient town: Mycenae. Mycenae, the kingdom of Agamemnon, had reached in the Bronze Age and had been one of the richest cities of Greek civilization. In the
  • Day 3 Kalamata
    After breakfast, you’ll depart for Sparta, one of the most important towns in Ancient Greece. There, you’ll visit the archaeological site of Ancient Sparta, where you’ll discover the Acropolis of Sparta, the tomb of King Leonidas, the Sanctuary of Apollo
  • Day 4 Kalamata
    On the fourth day of this trip, you’ll visit Ancient Messene, an archaeological site located at the foothill of Mount Ithomi. Messene was a very important city and major cultural center in antiquity. There, you’ll follow the footsteps of history
  • Day 5 Kalamata-Olympia
    After breakfast, you will be transferred to Ancient Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games. There, an archaeologist will guide you through the most important buildings of the site, like the Philippeion, the Temple of Zeus, the Stadium, and the
  • Day 6 Olympia-Athens
    On the final day of this trip, you’ll head back to Athens, after making a stop at Delphi, which was also known as the ‘navel of the earth’. Delphi was home to one of the most important oracles of the

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Reviews: 2

Satisfaction: 5.0

6 day history tour of the Peloponnese – Amazing!

  • by traveler: Sarah T.

Touring historic Peloponnese was a great experience that I’ll never forget. We booked everything last minute, but the staff went out of their way to arrange everything for us and customize the itinerary according to our needs. Everything was very well-organized and went flawlessly. I can’t recommend them enough!

Excellent archaeological tour of the Peloponnese.

  • by traveler: Mike N.

Everything was amazing, from the transfers and the hotels to the guides and the history tours. I recommend this trip to anyone who loves history and archaeology. It was so fascinating to see so many towns and archaeological sites remaining almost the same after hundreds of years!