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  • 11 days
  • 5 destinations
  • From 3.000€ pp
  • 30 archaeological sites
  • Expert wine tastings
  • Endless Greek delicacies

Set off on a culinary adventure to the most popular Greek island group. The Cyclades island complex is a dream destination for food lovers from all over the world. Cycladic cuisine is based on local produce, fresh ingredients, and traditional recipes that have survived for centuries. Bursting with flavors and history, the gastronomic culture of the Cyclades will fascinate you!
  • Day 1 Athens
    Arrival in Athens and private pick-up from Athens International Airport. You will be transferred to a chic hotel in Athens city centre, where you’re going to rest after your trip. Optional afternoon tour to Athens city center and dinner at
  • Day 2 Athens
    In the morning, one of our experienced travel guides will meet you at the hotel and take you on a food tour around Athens. We’re going to go to the best food markets in town, visit several shops selling local
  • Day 3 Athens-Mykonos
    After breakfast, you will be transferred to Athens International Airport, where you’ll fly to Mykonos. Upon your arrival in Mykonos, our driver will pick you up from the airport and transfer you to your elegant seaside hotel. You can relax
  • Day 4 Mykonos
    On your second day in Mykonos, you’re going to dive deeper into the local food culture. After breakfast, you’re going to visit a local homemaker, who’ll introduce you to the island’s food history and tradition. After getting familiar with the
  • Day 5 Mykonos-Santorini
    After breakfast, you will be transferred to the port or the airport, where you’ll catch a ferry or a flight to Santorini. Upon your arrival in Santorini, our driver will transfer you to your Cycladic hotel on the edge of
  • Day 6 Santorini
    On your second day in Santorini, you’re going to enjoy a wine tour through the island’s vineyards and wineries. Thanks to its rich volcanic soil, Santorini produces some of the best wine varieties in Greece, including vinsanto, assyrtiko, and nykteri.
  • Day 7 Santorini-Naxos
    After breakfast, you will be transferred to the port, where you’ll catch a ferry to Naxos. Upon your arrival in Naxos, our driver will transfer you to your hotel by the sea in Naxos. After checking in, you have the
  • Day 8 Naxos
    On your second day in Naxos, you’re going to learn everything about two of the island’s most famous products: cheese and wine. The tour will start by visiting a traditional cheese farm located in Naxos’ inland. There, you’re going to
  • Day 9 Naxos-Sifnos
    After breakfast, you will be transferred to the port, where you’ll catch a ferry to Sifnos, one of the top culinary destinations in Greece. Once you’ve settled in, you can spend the rest of the day lazing at the beach
  • Day 10 Sifnos
    Your second day in Sifnos will be dedicated to the island’s gastronomic scene. A local food guide will meet you and share with you the fascinating culinary history as he guides you through the quaint whitewashed villages of Sifnos. There,
  • Day 11 Sifnos-Athens
    On the final day of your trip, you can enjoy a relaxing morning before our driver picks you up from your hotel to transfer you to the port, where you’ll catch a ferry to Athens. If you’re planning on staying

This is a sample itinerary and can be fully customized according to your travel plans and needs. The price of this trip is indicative, given that it can change depending on several factors, including the season, activities, etc. In every case, our savvy travel experts will create a travel plan based on your budget and your bucket list! The travel planning service is free of charge and includes as many changes and customizations as you wish, until you’re fully satisfied with the result.


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Reviews: 2

Satisfaction: 5

Cyclades food tour.

  • by traveler: Angela H.

We had a fabulous time on our trip! We recommend this tour to anyone who wants to be introduced to the Cycladic cuisine and eat delicious local recipes. It was one of the best food tours we’ve ever been on and we can’t wait to do it again!

Don’t miss it!

  • by traveler: Will K.

We booked this tour because we thought food was a great way to learn about Greek culture and people. And it really was! Not only did we try the local specialties, but we also learned how local products (wine and cheese) were made. We also met and chatted with many locals who were the most kindhearted people! Our guides were also wonderful and had so much knowledge about the Greek tradition and food history. We highly recommend this tour!