Mystique a Luxury Collection Hotel

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Mystique is an idyllic adults-only hotel carved on the caldera overlooking the volcano and the cobalt-blue Aegean Sea. Combining elegance, exclusivity, sophistication, luxury, and tradition, this cliff-hanging hotel has been offering a flawless accommodation experience since 2007! Following the principles of the traditional Cycladic architecture, Mystique’s design is based on earthy tones, simple lines, and natural materials that blend perfectly into the lunar landscape of Santorini.
Who is it for?

Couples and honeymooners who are searching for a private sanctuary in the heart of the island’s most beautiful village.

Why we love it?

Mystique’s infinity pool is one of the hotel’s highlights. Located in front of the bar, it’s the perfect spot for sunset drinks with a stunning caldera view. If you want to have more privacy, you can enjoy the infamous Santorini sunset from the private pool in your room!


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