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Canaves is one of the most iconic hotels in Santorini. Hanging from the edge of the dramatic Santorini caldera, Canaves offers a spectacular sunset view, which you can enjoy from the comfort of your private balcony or infinity pool. The renovated suites of Canaves Oia have a minimal decoration based on calming white and neutral tones, which create an utterly relaxing atmosphere. They come with luxurious facilities including private plunge and river pools.
Who is it for?

Couples and honeymooners who are searching for a private sanctuary in the heart of the island’s most beautiful village.

Why we love it?

Mystique’s infinity pool is one of the hotel’s highlights. Located in front of the bar, it’s the perfect spot for sunset drinks with a stunning caldera view. If you want to have more privacy, you can enjoy the infamous Santorini sunset from the private pool in your room!


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