Katikies Kirini Santorini

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Katikies Kirini is a luxurious resort located in the iconic Oia village in Santorini. Hanging from the volcanic caldera and offering panoramic sea views, this 5-star hotel seems like it has popped out from a postcard. Infinity pools, exclusive suites, unobstructed caldera views, and romantic sunset dinners create a dreamy environment for honeymooners!

The design of the hotel’s elegant suites is a nod to the iconic Cycladic minimalism, with calming white and wooden interiors, whitewashed hot tubs, and blue details that match the Aegean views perfectly!
Who is it for?

Honeymooners who want to live the Cycladic dream in Oia and couples searching for idyllic accommodation on the edge of the caldera.

Why we love it?

A.Spa in Katikies Hotel is the perfect place to relax with your significant other! Consisting of three spa suites (Iris, Thalia, and Kalliste), A.Spa offers a variety of treatments and well-being rituals, like facials, massages, and beauty therapies.


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