Picturesque trip through Meteora & Zagori Regions

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  • 8 days
  • 3 destinations
  • From 2.350€ pp
  • 30 awesome beaches
  • 10 archeological sites
  • Endless Greek delicacies

The North-West part of Greece is blessed with the most dramatic terrain in the country. Our adventurous itinerary passes through the sprawling Pindos mountains and Meteora, which means “suspended in the air”. Meteora is famous for the stunning rocks that stand in the wilderness and reach 700 meters in height. The monasteries were built by monks six hundred years ago on the top of these rocks, creating a unique natural wonder made of nature and man.
Moving northern to Pindos, we'll find the magnificent 12-km long Vikos Gorge (probably the world’s deepest gorge), a national park filled with forests, waterfalls, and ice-cold mountain lakes, surrounded by the Zagorohoria’s immaculate stone villages. Zagori region is considered among the purest & untouched in Europe. South of these mountains lies Ioannina, a city with character, which unfolds around a placid lake.
  • Day 1 Athens
    This trip will begin in Athens. Ancient and modern, with equal measures of grunge and grace, this bustling town is a mix of history and edginess. In Athens, iconic monuments mingle with first-rate museums, lively cafes, and al fresco dining.
  • Day 2 Athens-Meteora
    There’s a reason why the Acropolis remains the quintessential landmark of Western civilization: it is spectacular. It embodies harmony, power, and beauty that speak to all generations. Crowed by the Parthenon, it stands sentinel over Athens. After breakfast, you will
  • Day 3 Meteora
    Meteora region is one of the largest and most important complexes of Greek Orthodox monasteries in Greece. The monasteries represent a unique artistic achievement and are one of the most powerful examples of the architectural transformation of a site into
  • Day 4 Meteora-Zagori
    On your way to the Zagori region, you will pass by the city of Ioannina, a bustling little city and the capital of Epirus province, which faces sheer mountains erupting behind Lake Pamvotis. Ioannina was always multicultural, shaped mainly by
  • Day 5 Zagori
    The 12km-long and 900m deep Vikos Gorge bisecting the Zagohoria, is the world’s deepest, according to the Guinness. It begins south of Monodendri, running north until the Papingo villages and the springs of Voidomatis, and is a unique natural monument.
  • Day 6 Megalo & Mikro Papingo
    The Vikos-Aoos national park bursts with pristine rivers and forests, meadows, and shimmering lakes reflecting the jagged mountains and the endless blue sky. Today, you will do rafting at the Voidomatis river, which has been characterized as one of the
  • Day 7 Zagori
    The Zagori region is famous for its stone bridges, made by the excellent craftsmen of their time. These bridges, built some centuries ago, are preserved in very good condition. They are strategically located in the area, ensuring their continuous usage,
  • Day 8 Zagori-Athens
    After breakfast, you can relax at your hotel or go for a quick walk in nature before you return to Athens.

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8 unforgettable days in Meteora and Zagory!

  • by traveler: Maria H.

We had an absolutely amazing trip in North-western Greece and we saw so much in just 8 days! Trip planning was very flexible and we were able to customize the itinerary to our needs as a family. Our favorite thing about this trip is that we got to discover the rustic side of Greece and visit traditional villages. It was fascinating to see how the locals live! We recommend this trip to anyone who wants an adventure in Greece’s nature!

Don’t miss this trip!

  • by traveler: Gin B.

We loved every bit of this tour of mainland Greece not only because of the beautiful places we visited but also because of the impeccable service and excellent guides! The activities were very fun and we also had plenty of free time on our own. We highly recommend it!