Culture and history in Crete

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| Culture, Local experience, Sightseeing
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  • 10 days
  • 5 destinations
  • From 2.600€ pp
  • 30 archaeological sites
  • Expert travel guides
  • Endless photo-worthy locations

Peel back the layers of Crete’s history and tradition! Delve into the fascinating history of Crete through a 10-day tour to the most important archaeological sites and cultural gems of the island. Discover the secrets of three different regions and introduce yourself to the renowned Cretan tradition.
  • Day 1 Athens
    Arrival in Athens and private pick-up from Athens International Airport by one of our drivers. Accommodation at a chic central hotel in Athens. Optional afternoon tour to Athens city center and dinner at a central restaurant. Overnight in Athens.
  • Day 2 Athens
    In the morning, one of our experienced travel guides will meet you at the hotel and take you on a tour around Athens. You’re going to visit the most important landmarks in the city, including the Acropolis hill, the Parthenon,
  • Day 3 Athens-Heraklion
    After breakfast, you’ll be transferred to Athens International Airport, where you’ll catch your flight to Heraklion. Upon your arrival in Heraklion, you will be transferred to your elegant hotel in the centre of Heraklion, where you can relax until the
  • Day 4 Heraklion
    This day is dedicated to the exploration of the most popular Minoan Palace in Crete: Knossos Palace. After breakfast, you will be transferred to the archaeological site of Knossos, which was discovered after excavations carried out by Sir Arthur Evans
  • Day 5 Heraklion
    You’ll begin the fifth day of this trip with a visit to another impressive Minoan town: Phaestos. You’ll explore this Bronze Age city with the help of an archaeologist, who’ll show you around the palaces and give you information about
  • Day 6 Heraklion-Agios Nikolaos
    On the sixth day of this trip, you’ll set off to explore the eastern part of Crete. After breakfast, you’ll be transferred to Agios Nikolaos, the capital of the Lassithi region. From there, you’ll take a boat to one
  • Day 7 Agios Nikolaos-Sitia
    From Agios Nikolaos, you’ll continue your journey to Sitia, a little seaside town in northeastern Crete. After checking in at your hotel, you can spend the day at your leisure. Visit the exotic palm tree forest at Vai, walk along
  • Day 8 Sitia-Chania
    After breakfast, you will be transferred to Agios Nikolaos, from where you’ll catch a flight to the final destination of this trip, Chania. Upon your arrival at Chania, our driver will transfer you to your hotel in the heart of
  • Day 9 Chania
    On your final day in Chania, you’re free to explore the city at your leisure and discover your own favorite spots. Or, you can spend the day under the sun at one of the region’s beaches. Whatever you choose to
  • Day 10 Chania-Athens
    On the final day of your trip, you can enjoy a relaxing morning before our driver picks you up from your hotel to transfer you to the airport, where you’ll catch a flight to Athens. If you’re planning on staying

This is a sample itinerary and can be fully customized according to your travel plans and needs. The price of this trip is indicative, given that it can change depending on several factors, including the season, activities, etc. In every case, our savvy travel experts will create a travel plan based on your budget and your bucket list! The travel planning service is free of charge and includes as many changes and customizations as you wish, until you’re fully satisfied with the result.


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  • Accommodation
  • In-country transportation
  • Activities and tours
  • Trip planning by our travel experts
  • 24×7 support during your trip
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  • Meals & Drinks
  • International flights
Reviews: 3

Satisfaction: 5

Thank you for the unforgettable trip!

  • by traveler: Nick G.

Everyone was so helpful and professional. Although the times are difficult due to Covid, the staff was very helpful and organized everything for us just two weeks before our trip. All the safety measures were kept throughout the trip and everyone was wearing a mask. We strongly recommend this trip to those who want to see Crete through the eyes of a local!

10 fantastic days in Crete.

  • by traveler: Kate D.

This tour is definitely worth it! All our guides were amazing and all the places we visited were super interesting. We had a wonderful time and we highly recommend it to anyone who wants to visit the main towns of Crete as well as the Minoan palaces. Our favorite places were Heraklion Town, Knossos Palace, Spinalonga islet, and Vai palm forest. We modified our itinerary to spend an extra day in Chania and visit Balos beach. If you want to visit the region’s beaches, we recommend that you also spend an extra day in Chania.

We loved this history tour of Crete!

  • by traveler: Andrew V.

We’ve been wanting to visit Crete for a long time. We wanted to see the authentic side of the island, learn about the Minoan civilization, and eat Cretan food. This trip was everything we’ve been wanting and more! Within 10 days we went to several towns, explored nature, and visited the major Minoan towns. All activities and accommodations were excellent. Everyone did their best to make us feel welcome and met our every need. Thank you for the experience!

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