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What’s the kind of Mykonos vacation you’re dreaming of? A party holiday, a chic honeymoon, a glamorous getaway with your pals/girlfriends, a yachting trip, an exclusive villa vacation, or maybe an island-hopping adventure? Whatever you may have in mind, we’re here to help you plan your dream vacation to Mykonos and arrange everything for you!

We are pexeda, a luxury Greece travel agency in the know, which has been helping travellers from all over the world savor the authentic side of Greece and live extraordinary experiences since 2005! We believe that the vacation of your dreams should be perfectly-tailored to your individual needs. That’s why we collaborate with savvy local travel experts and offer a wide selection of customized Greece travel packages that satisfy even the most demanding travellers!


Best Mykonos Beaches


Famous for their wild parties, glamorous atmosphere, and natural beauty, Mykonos beaches are going to blow your mind! Discover them!

Honeymoon in Mykonos

A honeymoon in Mykonos is the perfect option for those who wish to combine traditional Cycladic charm and amazing beaches with world-class resorts and abundant luxury. One of the top honeymoon destinations in Greece, Mykonos charms newlyweds with its natural beauty and glamour to the point that they keep going back every year! Read more…

Sailing to Mykonos

Sailing is one of the best ways to explore Mykonos and other super-popular Cyclades islands, like Santorini and Paros! If you’re dreaming of embarking on a sailing adventure to Mykonos or do island-hopping between the islands on a yacht, read more…

Villa Holidays in Mykonos

In Mykonos, you’ll find many exclusive villas with luxurious facilities located close to Mykonos Chora and the island’s cosmopolitan beaches (Paraga, Paradise, etc) or tucked away into the island’s nature. If you want to be close to the crowds and have fun, our recommendation is to go for the first option, while if you want to enjoy a private stay, we suggest opting for the latter. Read more…

Mykonos hotels

Mykonos hotels are famous for their high-end services and ultra-luxurious amenities! Within the premises of many Mykonos hotels, you’ll find numerous facilities, including spas, state of the art gyms, courts, private beaches, restaurants, and bars. What’s more, most 5-star hotels in Mykonos offer high-end services like a 24-hour butler, event planning, wedding planning, concierge, and many more. Read more…


How to plan your Mykonos vacation: Frequently Asked Questions


Here’s what you need to know about planning your vacation to Mykonos. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!


If Mykonos is the only Greek island you're going to visit, then a week is a good length of time. But, if Mykonos is part of your island-hopping itinerary, then you should stay on the island for at least 3 days!
The best time to visit Mykonos is between spring and early fall (April to October). Summer is the most crowded season in Mykonos, as the island overflows with moguls and celebrities. However, summer is the best season for those who want to visit the gorgeous Mykonos beaches, as the water is warm during this time of the year. July and August are the peak months of the tourist season, so Mykonos tends to be overcrowded -especially Mykonos Town. Peak season is also the most expensive and overbooked season in Mykonos and the entire Cyclades group. So we suggest that you book as far in advance as you can, i.e. 6-12 months earlier. If you want to enjoy a more laid-back version of the island, opt for April, May, September, and October. These months are perfect for those looking for peace and tranquility, as the island isn’t packed with tourists and the hotels aren’t booked up.
Mykonos is one of the most expensive and luxurious islands in Greece. If you want to splurge on your holidays, Mykonos is the perfect option for you! The opulent hotels, private villas, top-notch facilities, exclusive services, sophisticated restaurants, and trendy beach bars in Mykonos are going to make your holidays a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
The best areas to stay in Mykonos are Chora Mykonos (the main town), Ornos, and Platis Gialos.
Mykonos is a safe island to visit. However, you should take reasonable precautions and use common sense, like everywhere. First of all, you should always keep an eye on your belongings, especially when you are in crowded places, like bars and clubs. Also, you shouldn’t leave your belongings unattended on the beach. Another thing to be aware of is the drunk people that may get around the streets late at night.
Shops in Mykonos Town (Chora) are open from 9 am to 10 pm throughout the week. However, in other areas outside Chora, shops might close earlier.
Some of the best things to do in Mykonos are to watch the sunset in Little Venice, have your photos taken in front of the windmills, wander the narrow streets of Mykonos Town, party, visit the archaeological site of Delos, and enjoy the sun at Mykonos beaches.

Things to do in Mykonos

Although one may think that the island is all about partying, Mykonos has a lot more to offer. Idyllic beaches, hills dotted with dazzling white houses, ultra-luxurious hotels, and mesmerizing sunsets are some of the things that characterize this magical island! Whether you’re a party animal or a more laid-back type, in Mykonos, you’ll find both cosmopolitan places and quiet spots to escape the crowds. Read more…

The best time to visit Mykonos

The best time to visit Mykonos is not the same for all types of travelers and all types of vacation. If you want to visit Mykonos for wild parties and crazy nightlife, then peak season (June-August) is your best bet. If, on the other hand, you want to visit Mykonos for sightseeing, activities, and relaxation, then you should opt for shoulder season (April, May, September, and October). Read more…

Mykonos tours

If you want to explore the island like a local, away from the crazy crowds and bustling tourist spots, joining a tour is your best bet. Discover the best tours in Mykonos, from cruises to Delos and sightseeing tours to walking tours!


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