Villa holidays Greek Islands (Santorini, Mykonos, Corfu, Crete, Zakynthos, Paros)

There’s no denying that a villa holiday in Greece is the best way to enjoy a perfectly personalized stay.


Whether you are a couple searching for a romantic hideaway far from the crowds, a multigenerational family looking for an accommodation big enough to fit you all, or a group of friends who want to organize an epic villa party, there’s the right villa in Greece for you.


To find it, all you have to do is read on!

Luxury villa holidays greece

Why opt for a villa holiday in Greece?


A villa holiday in Greece comes with lots of perks, especially for those who value their privacy and want to be free and surrounded by luxury. Having your very own peaceful retreat, where you can relax away from the crowds is priceless! From luxurious seaside villas to picturesque hilltop mansions and everything in between, there are villas for all tastes and types of travelers. If you’re searching for a laid-back type of holiday that will let you unwind and recharge in privacy, a villa holiday is your best bet!


What’s more, villas in Greece always come with luxurious services and modern amenities that will offer you utmost comfort throughout your stay. Such amenities can be laundry service, a private chef, daily pool and garden maintenance, concierge service, daily maid service, pre-stocking of the villa, transfer to/from the airport/port, a security system, and more!


Villa holidays in Mykonos


Why should you choose a villa holiday in Mykonos?


Mykonos is also known as the Ibiza of Greece, thanks to its vivid party scene! However, this island has a lot more to offer than beach parties and international celebrities. The traditional Cycladic architecture, sun-soaked beaches, luxurious seaside bars, and gourmet restaurants of Mykonos make the island a truly stunning destination. Mykonos is also the jumping-off point for Delos, a sacred island/archaeological site, which was -according to mythology- the birthplace of Apollo.


What should you know about renting a villa in Mykonos?


In Mykonos, you’ll find many exclusive villas with luxurious facilities located close to Mykonos Chora and the island’s cosmopolitan beaches (Paraga, Paradise, etc) or tucked away into nature. If you want to be close to the island’s best beach bars and clubs, our recommendation is to go for the first option, while if you want to enjoy a private stay, we suggest that you opt for the latter.


Renting a villa in Mykonos is also perfect for organizing an event, like a party, a bachelor party, or a wedding. Across the island, you’ll find ultra-spacious villas that can accommodate many guests and offer plenty of space for hosting an event.


Villas in Mykonos

Villa holidays in Santorini


Why should you choose a villa holiday in Santorini?


Famous for its breathtaking volcanic landscape, dramatic caldera, blue-domed chapels, cliff-hanging villas, and enthralling sunsets, Santorini is a go-to for a romantic holiday. In Santorini, everything is cinematic! You’ll watch the sunset at the picturesque Oia village, take a dip in the hot waters of the volcanic springs, enjoy candlelit dinners at gourmet restaurants on the edge of the caldera, sip on sophisticated cocktails in your private infinity pool, and many more. Sounds dreamy, right?


What should you know about renting a villa in Santorini?


Most villas in Santorini are specially designed for couples. This means that they are perfect for a honeymoon or a romantic holiday. In Oia, Fira, and Imerovigli, you’ll find many luxurious villas with breathtaking views of the sunset and the dramatic Santorini caldera. Most of the villas also feature beautiful infinity pools which look like they are blending into the sea and the sky, creating a magical setting.


However, these villages usually get overcrowded in peak season. So, if you want to enjoy a more peaceful stay, you can opt for other areas, like Firostefani, Vourvoulos, and Akrotiri. You can also find many villas located close to the island’s wineries and vineyards, where you can enjoy wine tasting sessions and tours.


Villas in Santorini

Crete villa holidays


Why should you choose a villa holiday in Crete?


Crete is the largest island in Greece and arguably one of the most beautiful ones. Its natural diversity, ancient civilizations, worldwide famous gastronomy, friendly people, luxurious resorts, and traditional -untouched by time- villages make Crete island a popular destination among travelers from all over the world. One of the main reasons, though, why you should visit Crete is its fantastic beaches: Elafonisi, Balos, Falassarna, and Vai are some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece -don’t miss them!


What should you know about renting a villa in Crete?


Villas in Crete come in all shapes and sizes. From multi-story hillside properties to seaside villas, they cater to every need and taste. The stunning natural landscape of Crete is a huge plus too, as it offers a magical setting for your holiday and a super-relaxing environment for finding your zen!


When it comes to the location of the villa, there are three main options: either choosing a villa close to the main towns (Chania, Heraklion, and Rethymnon), or opting for a seaside villa, or going for a villa tucked away into nature. Villas in Crete usually come with a swimming pool, so you’ll enjoy a dip no matter where you’re going to stay.


Villas in Crete

Villa holidays in Corfu


Why should you choose a villa holiday in Corfu?


Corfu is one of the most elegant and photogenic islands in Greece. It is a part of the Ionian island group on the western side of Greece, a complex known for its verdant nature, endless beaches, scrumptious cuisine, and warm hospitality. The Achillion Palace (the former residence of the Empress Elisabeth of Austria), the elegant main town, the picturesque little villages, and Spianada Square are just some of the best places to visit in Corfu. As for the beaches, they are something else! From the exotic beaches of Paleokastritsa to the canals of Sidari, each and every of them has its own unique beauty and charm.


What should you know about renting a villa in Corfu?


Villas in Corfu come in different styles and shapes. From elegant villas close to Corfu Town to luxurious seaside properties and everything in between, options are endless. Many villas in Corfu are nestled in the verdant hills of the island and are surrounded by lush vegetation. They are a great option for families or for those who want to enjoy a quiet stay in nature.


If you want to introduce yourself to the local culture, though, your best bet is to opt for a villa located close to a traditional village, like Dassia, Kerasia, and Kalami. The villages of Corfu not only boast a unique natural beauty, but also have a rural charm that you can’t find anywhere!


Villa holidays in Zakynthos (Zante)


Why should you choose a villa holiday in Zakynthos?


Zakynthos, which is also known as Zante, has long been famed as one of the most exotic islands in Greece. How couldn’t it be? The cobalt waters, hidden sea caves, endless sandy coasts, majestic sunsets, and verdant nature create a Caribbean-like setting that’s worth exploring. The most popular beach on the island is Navagio (Shipwreck), a sandy cove insulated by dramatic white cliffs and turquoise waters. This super-photogenic beach looks even better from above, so if you want to get the perfect shot, you should hike to the top of the cliffs!


What should you know about renting a villa in Zakynthos?  


Zakynthos offers a great variety of villas for all tastes and types of travelers. From traditional country houses to modern seaside villas and everything in between, options are many, including villas for couples, villas for families, and villas for large groups of friends.


Villas in Zakynthos are located in many villages, like Keri Lake, Agios Sostis, Volimes, and others. However, if you’re seeking isolation, we suggest that you opt for the western part of the island, which has a peaceful atmosphere and beautiful natural landscape.



When is the best time to visit Greece?


Summer seems to be the best season to visit Greece, but it’s not the only option. Although in summer the weather is hot, the sun shines, and the water is warm enough for swimming, it’s also the most crowded season in Greece. To skip the excessive crowds and enjoy the good weather, opt for late spring (May), early summer (June), and early fall (September). But, if you want total isolation and peace, your best bet lies in early spring and late fall.


How to get to Greece?


The best way to get to Greece is by air. Athens, the capital of Greece, is connected with numerous international airports via many direct and indirect daily flights. Even if you travel from a European country or from the USA or Australia, your best bet is to fly to Greece. Keep in mind that air ticket prices are higher during the peak season (June to August) and drop in the shoulder season. If you’re traveling to Greece from a European country or the UK, you can also opt for a train or a car journey.


Do villas in Greece have a pool?


The vast majority of villas in Greece have a pool, especially if they are located on the Greek islands. Many villas on the islands have one or more large private pools (often infinity pools), as well as outdoor jacuzzis.


What should you know about villas in Athens?


In Athens, you’ll find a great selection of villas in all shapes and sizes. Most villas are located in suburban areas on the south part of the Attica region, like Glyfada, Voula, Vouliagmeni, and Lagonissi, but you can find some villas in the historic center of Athens, in neighborhoods like Plaka and Lycabettus hill. If you’re looking for an area suitable for families, Athens Riviera is a great choice, as the kids will have plenty of space to play and adults can do several water activities or just relax by the sea. Athens Riviera is also a good choice for couples that seek privacy.


Are the villas in Greece good for weddings?


In Greece, you’ll find many villas with a big capacity and plenty of outdoor space to host an event, like a wedding or a bachelor party. What’s more, some villas come with a chapel, where you can get married before celebrating the event at the villa.


Are the villas in Greece good for families?


Renting a villa for your family holiday in Greece is a fantastic option for many reasons, including the privacy, space, and flexibility they provide. Villas in Greece also come with many kids-friendly facilities, like a babysitting service, a private playground, a kids pool, baby cots, and many more!

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