Classic Athens mythology tour

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Travel through history on a fascinating Athens mythology tour!

This is not your ordinary ‘Athens and Acropolis tour’! Unlike other similar tours, on this tour you will neither be overloaded with tons of information nor will you get bored along the way! You’ll join an expert guide and professional storyteller who will introduce you to the Ancient Greek mythology on a fascinating journey back in time.

In the company of your guide, you’ll visit the most iconic monuments of Athens, including the Olympian Zeus Temple, the Acropolis hill, the Ancient Agora, and learn about the myths related to each one of them. As you stroll through the ruins, you’re going to learn everything about the history of Athens -from the rise of the city during the Golden Age of Pericles to its downfall after the Spartan War- in a fun and interesting way!
  • Learn everything about the history of Athens & Greek mythology in the most fun way possible, without being overloaded with boring information
  • Visit both the famous and the non widely popular monuments of Athens
  • Explore the city off the beaten tourist trail
  • A fun and original tour guided by a professional storyteller specializing in Greek mythology
  • Ideal for families with children & teenagers

  • English or French speaking licenced guide
  • Entry fees
  • Food or drinks
  • Transportation