Greece in November: Weather, Travel Tips, Best Greek islands to go

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To start with, we would like to point out the obvious: Going to Greece in November is not a popular option for most travelers. November marks the beginning of low season in Greece, which lasts until March. However, there are many reasons why you should visit Greece in November: the weather is mild, accommodation is very cheap, crowds have disappeared, and there are so many things to do for all tastes!

In this article, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about Greece in November, from average temperatures and weather conditions to costs and insider tips. Scroll down!


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The weather in Greece in November

Greece in November is warmer than most of the North European countries and enjoys mild weather, without getting too cold. There are both sunny and rainy days throughout the month with temperatures hovering between 18 °C and 11 °C. Generally speaking, Cyclades, Dodecanese, and Crete are warmer than the mainland, while northern Greece is colder and rainier than the rest of the country. It’s usually cold early in the morning and late at night, but the weather is pleasant during the day.


Because of the tricky weather, ferries and flights may be canceled, so our advice is to book your tickets as far in advance as you can. Also, make sure that you pack warm clothing and don’t forget your waterproof jacket -chances are that you’re going to need it!

Best Greek islands and town to visit in November

  • Athens (cultural activities, best time to visit the museums & the archaeological sites, city exploration, good time to discover cafes and restaurants & go where the locals go)
  • Meteora (climbing at the towering rock formations, nature exploration, visits to the traditional monasteries at the top of the rocks, road trips)
  • Thessaloniki (delicious food & traditional recipes, sightseeing, local lifestyle, strolls along the seafront promenade, cycling, events)
  • Crete (a good time to visit the Minoan Knossos & Phaistos palaces without the crowds, food tours, cooking classes, nature exploration, road trips)
  • Pelion (strolls around the picturesque town, nature exploration, rustic villages, beach walks, food, traditional taverns)
  • Rhodes (Medieval Old Town tours, road trips, sightseeing, outdoor activities, good weather, culture & history)


Average temperatures in Greece in November


November Athens Cyclades Crete Dodecanesse Ionian Mainland

Max (in °C)







Min (in °C)








The cost of a holiday to Greece in November

November is one of the cheapest months to visit Greece! Most hotels on the Greek islands are closed, but there are plenty of accommodation options on the Greek mainland and big islands, like Crete and Rhodes. The lack of tourists causes hotel rates to drop, giving budget travelers the perfect opportunity to visit Greece without spending much. Many hotels and airlines offer bargains and discounted packages, but you should book well in advance to ensure availability. Also, ferries and airlines operate on reduced schedules, so avoiding last-minute booking is your best bet!


Types vacations in Greece in November

November is a fantastic month for a cultural holiday in Greece! Since the overwhelming summer crowds and the shoulder season visitors have already left, the archaeological sites and the museums are almost empty of international tourists -particularly on weekdays. Some of the best archaeological sites to visit in November are the Archaeological Site of Delphi, Ancient Olympia, Epidaurus, and the Acropolis. Exploring those places without the crowds is an amazing experience!


Another type of vacation to enjoy in Greece in November is a culinary holiday. Famous for its traditional recipes and scrumptious cuisine, Greece is full of culinary surprises. November is the perfect time to embark on a trip to the best gastronomical regions in Greece, learn how to make your favorite dishes, tour vineyards and farms, chat with locals, and introduce yourself to the Greek food culture!


Finally, November is a very good time for nature exploration and outdoor activities in Greece. If you’re someone who loves nature and adventure, then choose Meteora for climbing, Corfu for hiking, Loutraki for thermal springs, Zagori for nature exploration, and Lousios River in Arkadia for rafting.


November events

November is one of the liveliest months in big Greece cities, like Athens and Thessaloniki, with lots of parties and cultural events taking place everywhere. November marks the official end of the tourist season and the start of the winter season for locals, who flock to bars, clubs, concerts, and festivals of every kind. So, if you want to enjoy Greece like a local, November is your best bet!


Some events that take place in Greece in November are the Feast of the Archangels Gabriel and Michael (religious feast), Athens Marathon, St. Andreas Feast (religious feast), Amorgos Film Festival on Amorgos island, and Thessaloniki International Film Festival.


Useful tips for traveling to Greece in November

  • Be smart when it comes to packing. The weather in November is, for the most part, sunny, but it’s also rainy and chilly, so make sure to bring a raincoat and warm clothes with you.
  • Book your trip as far in advance as you can! Flight and ferry schedules are reduced in November -last-minute booking should be avoided.
  • The same applies to accommodation. Most hotels offer massive discounts and bargains in November, so book early to ensure availability.
  • Almost all hotels, bars, clubs, and restaurants are closed on popular islands, like Mykonos, Santorini, and Paros. If you want to visit the Greek islands in November, opt for big islands, like Rhodes and Crete.


Pros & Cons of traveling to Greece in November

  • No crowds at popular archaeological sites and museums
  • Quiet islands
  • Airlines and hotels offer great discounts and bargains
  • Good time for a cultural holiday, culinary tours, and nature exploration
  • Mainly sunny weather with mild temperatures
  • Tricky weather with a higher chance of rain than in October
  • The temperature falls -not a good time for a beach holiday
  • Most hotels, bars, and clubs on the islands are closed for the winter
  • Flight and ferry schedules are less frequent and sometimes get cancelled due to bad weather


Greece in November: Frequently Asked Questions


November is one of the cheapest months to visit Greece! Most hotels on the Greek islands are closed, but there are plenty of accommodation options on the Greek mainland and big islands, like Crete and Rhodes. The lack of tourists causes hotel rates to drop, giving budget travelers the perfect opportunity to visit Greece without spending much.
How many days you should spend in Greece depends on many factors, like how many places you’re going to visit, where you’re planning to stay, etc. In general, spending a week in Greece is enough to see the main points of interest, visit the best beaches, and have a taste of local culture. If you’re planning to visit more than three different destinations in Greece, just one week won’t be enough!
The cheapest time to visit Greece is low season (November-March). But, even though this is an ideal period money-wise, it’s not the best time to visit the Greek islands, as the weather is chilly and usually unpredicted. The second best option is shoulder season, April-May and September-October. During these months rates aren’t as high as in peak season (June-August), while there’s lots of sunshine and fewer tourists.
Most rainfalls in Greece occur in the winter season (November-March). During these months the weather is rainy and humid, particularly in the Greek islands, while in northern Greece it’s cold and snowy. Rainfalls can also occur during the summer, rarely though.
The best time to visit Santorini is either in April, May, and October or in June-early July and September. Our suggestion is to avoid August at any cost, as the island gets overcrowded and rates very high!

To sum up…

So, November might not be the first month that comes to mind when you think of a holiday to Greece. However, if going to the beach is not a priority for you, Greece in November has a lot to offer, from cheap hotels and flights to crowdless archaeological sites and many events.


Have you ever been to Greece in November? Did you like it? Write your answers in the comments section!

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