London things to do: Best Museums, Attractions, Parks, Activities, Trips [in 2023]

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We’ll be honest with you. It’s almost impossible to enjoy all the top things to do in London on a single trip. Picnics at the endless green parks, River Thames cruises, Buckingham Palace tours, museum-hopping -options are endless. BUT, no worries!

Things get so much easier when you know exactly where to go and what to do, right?

Leave the hard work to us and scroll down!



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The best things to do in London in a nutshell


Visit the Harry Potter film setting at the Warner Bros Studios to discover a fascinating world of magic

  • authentic props
  • magic
  • fun
Check it!


Get a spooky trip in London’s 1,000 years of history at the London Dungeon

  • scary
  • hilarious
  • interactive
Check it!


See the most fascinating nature-related exhibits at the Natural History Museum

  • education
  • relics
  • entertainment
Check it!


Marvel at all-encompassing city views from the iconic London Eye

  • symbol
  • observation wheel
  • view
Check it!


Discover interesting science exhibits and interactive experiences at London’s Science Museum

  • space
  • hands-on
  • free
Check it!
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The best fun things to do in London

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Climb up the O2 Arena

The O2 Arena is one of the most legendary attractions in London! And there are several ways to enjoy it. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can buckle up and climb up the 380m walkway, which reaches the height of 52 meters. There’s no lift, so you better be sure you can complete the challenge!


There is also a studio inside the O2, where you can do many fun activities, like commentating on a Premier League game, racing in an F1 simulator, or umpiring for a cricket match. Oh, and if there’s a concert taking place in the O2 Arena during your stay in London, make sure you WON’T miss it!

Fact: At the dome of the O2 Arena, there is a selection of bars and restaurants, where you can have breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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Embark on a sailing tour on River Thames
boat tour amsterdam with a delicious meal onboard boat tour amsterdam with a delicious meal onboard

A boat cruise in the famous River Thames is one of the best ways to see London!


A boat cruise will take you through some of the city’s most famous landmarks including the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben (Palace of Westminster), St Paul’s Cathedral, Tate Modern, the Tower of London, Shakespeare’s Globe, Tower Bridge, and many more. It’s such a fun (and super-Instagramable) experience to have in London!

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Join a bus tour

Another cool thing to do in London is to join a bus tour -it’s one of the best ways to see all the main points of interest in London. Every tour has been designed to give you a complete sightseeing experience. You can choose from sightseeing tours around the top landmarks in London, night-time tours, movie tours, and even tours that include a traditional English afternoon tea.


Many bus tours also let you jump on and off. This is a great option for those who want to have a looser sightseeing schedule!

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Live the spookiest experience at the London Dungeon

Are you ready for a 90-minute scary ride through London’s history? One of the most popular attractions in the city (especially with clusters of friends and families), the London Dungeon is a spooky and fun theme park that will test your nerves. At the London Dungeon, you’ll take a ride back in time with the help of a bizarre and terrifying mix of skeletons, murderers, hangmen, and many more scary characters that recreate the main events of the city’s 1,000 years of history. The actors are very talented, the scripts hilarious, and the settings spectacular -it’s the most atmospheric and fun way to learn everything about London’s past!

Best London Dungeon tours

The best things to do in London for free

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Join a free walking tour

Ladies, gentlemen, and freebie lovers! One of the best ways to get to know the city is a free walking tour! In our opinion, the streets of London are just perfect for walking. Every nook and cranny is just waiting to be explored. From a Westminster and Camden Tour to a Street Art Tour in East London and a Walking Tour of the Bohemian Portobello and Ladbroke Grove, there are several amazing free tours in London.

Best walking tours in London

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Meander through the parks

As Charles Dickens once said “The parks are the lungs of London” and it’s beyond question that London is one of the greenest capitals in the world. Whether you want to wander, sit for a picnic, or just feed the birds, take a peek at our small list of London’s best free parks!


Hyde Park is one of the most popular outdoor attractions in downtown London. With so many festivals, events, exhibits, and concerts taking place at Hyde Park throughout the year, it’s easy to see why.


Green Park, which is also known as “The park next door”, is the closest to the English countryside you can get in the heart of London. It also lies near many major London attractions like the Buckingham Palace, St. James’s Palace, and Piccadilly Circus, so it’s the perfect starting point for sightseeing.


Regent’s Park is often overlooked by visitors, as it is located close to other more popular parks. However, it is one of the largest grass areas for sports in London city center and hosts a variety of places, including an Open Air Theatre, the London Zoo, gardens, and a lake.


Greenwich, the place where time began, is like a little village on its own. Whether you are a fan of military history, nautical tales, Kings and Queens, or just crave a good story, Greenwich will fascinate you.

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Savor panoramic city views from the Sky Garden

Without any doubt, the best way to see London in all its glory is from above. So, if you’re an adrenaline junkie, Sky Garden is the best place to enjoy the best panoramic views of the city.


Sky Garden is London’s highest public garden -it offers all-encompassing city views as well as a selection of many things to do and see. It boasts three stories of landscaped gardens carpeted with South African and Mediterranean plants, observation decks, an open-air terrace, two restaurants, and a bar. It’s one of the most fascinating places in London!

Tip: Keep in mind though that although admission to the Sky Garden is free of charge, but spaces are limited. Visitors must book their 90-minute time slot online at least three days in advance.

The best things to do in London with family and friends

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Explore the Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace, the Queen’s royal residence in London, which lies in the heart of London, is another must-visit spot in London. Visiting the Buckingham Palace is one of the best things to do with kids!


The palace offers family-friendly audio guides –you can even tour the palace through the eyes of one of the Queen’s adorable corgis. At the end of the tour there is a playroom with royal-themed games, crafts, and costumes for the kids. Sounds fun, right?

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Visit the Harry Potter film setting at the Warner Bros Studios

Do you believe in magic? Even if you don’t, this is a must thing to do in London for families! The Warner Bros Studios outside London is the perfect place to introduce yourself to the wizarding world of Harry Potter. From the original Harry Potter costumes and authentic props to Hogward’s dining hall and the iconic Gringotts Bank, everything will make both kids and adults feel like young wizards.

Tip: Don’t forget to stop by the gift shop to purchase authentic memorabilia of your favorite Hogwarts House!

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Explore the Museum of Natural History

The Natural history Museum of London is a go-to for families with kids! The perfect blend of entertainment and education, the Natural History Museum hosts millions of artifacts, including sculptures, relics, meteorites, illustrations, and many more interesting findings.


Since this museum is quite large, we recommend joining an organized tour to ensure that you won’t miss a thing. Alternatively, you can split your visit into two or more days. But, this is probably not an option for a family with kids!

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See the cutest animals at the ZSL London Zoo

ZSL London Zoo is a very fun place to spend the whole day with your family in the London city center! Operating since 1828 (it’s the world’s oldest scientific zoo), the London Zoo is home to over 750 animal species, from adorable otters and llamas to tigers and gorillas!


Navigation is easy, as the zoo has three paths, the Pink Route, the Orange Route, and the Blue Route, where you can discover your favorite animals without having to spend your time searching. ZSL London Zoo also offers a variety of modern facilities and interactive activities for all ages, like photography workshops, overnight stays next to the lions, giraffe care-taking, and zookeeper for a day. Both adults and kids will be entertained for hours!


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Visit London’s Science Museum

London’s Science Museum -the most visited science museum in the world- is a great place to visit with kids! Located in South Kensington, this museum displays 15,000 objects that have played a major role in the evolution of the world and our everyday lives throughout the years. Museum’s exhibits include Helen Sharman’s space suit, Stephenson’s Rocket, Watson and Crick DNA molecular model, and the Apollo 10 command module.


Besides fascinating exhibits, though, London’s Science Museum offers many interactive experiences, like the Who am I? Gallery, where you get to explore yourself through hands-on exhibits, the multi-sensory Pattern Pod, and the Atmosphere gallery, which will introduce you to an amazing virtual world! The best part? Entrance is free or with a voluntary donation of your choice!

The best places for sightseeing in London (Top attractions and monuments)

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Marvel at the breathtaking view from the London Eye

Standing at a the height of 135 meters, the London Eye is the world’s largest cantilevered structure and has quickly become an iconic symbol of the city. It takes about 30 minutes to reach the top of this observation wheel, but the view is SO worth it. Every ticket now includes entry to the London Eye 4D Film Experience, where a combination of wind, bubbles, and cinema help you discover the capital in a new light.

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Dive into the history of England at the Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is arguably one of the top attractions in London! This gothic church is located in the heart of London, close to Westminster Palace. The main reason why this masterpiece is famous is that it has played host to several major events, like coronations (Westminster Abbey has been the coronation church since 1066), royal weddings, and burials. Some spots worth seeing inside the majestic abbey are the Chapter House, the Coronation Chair, the elaborate Lady Chapel, and the Royal Tombs. Enjoy!

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Savor modern art at Tate Modern

Whether you’re an art enthusiast or not, Tate Modern gallery will blow your mind! In Tate Modern, you’ll find an extensive collection of modern and contemporary works by renowned international artists, like Picasso, Andy Warhol, and Salvador Dalí. The best thing about Tate Modern is that it offers free entry to its permanent collection! However, you need to purchase a ticket to visit temporary exhibitions.

Tip: Don’t leave Tate Modern before visiting its artistic shops and having an espresso with a beautiful city view at the gallery’s elegant cafe!

Best day trips from London

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Set off on a romantic getaway to Oxford city

Oxford may lie just a few hours away from the busy London city center, but it feels worlds away -quite literally! This charming city is not only known for Oxford University, which is over 800 years old, but also for its nostalgic atmosphere and romantic vibe. Strolling around the town, you’ll come across elegant buildings, cute (and super-photogenic) book-shops, top museums, and hidden gardens. The whole city oozes vintage charm in abundance!

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Have a break by the sea at Brighton

Located just 50 minutes away from London, Brighton is another retro British city worth visiting! Londoners and tourists alike flock to this small town for its pebble beach and buzzing cultural scene. However, there are way more things to do in this charming seaside town. Some of the top activities to enjoy in Brighton are hanging out at the waterfront, riding the carousel at Brighton Pier, attending one of the many music festivals, and visiting the Royal Pavilion.

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Wander the streets of Cambridge

Located just 45 minutes away from London, Cambridge is one of the most popular destinations for day trips. Cambridge is wildly famous for two main reasons: its world-class university and rowing. However, Cambridge has a lot more to offer! Museums, parks, beautiful architecture, and shopping will keep you entertained throughout the day. One thing is for sure: it’s going to be hard to answer the question: Oxford or Cambridge?

The top places to eat & drink in London

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Gorge on delicious seafood at J Sheekey

No avid seafood lover can spend time in London without checking out the iconic J Sheekey -especially if there’s a special occasion coming up. The service is so good you’ll wonder if someone thinks you’re famous, the decor is super-elegant yet laid-back, and the fish is excellent.


Info: 28-32 St Martin’s Ct, Covent Garden, London WC2N 4AL, UK Tel: 442072402565


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Enjoy rooftop cocktails at Bar Elba

Inspired by Napoleon’s exile on the Mediterranean island of Elba, Bar Elba is a go-to for cool rooftop-party events. From sunset sessions and open-air picnics, to rooftop brunches and outdoor cinema nights, many fun things are going on at Bar Elba. Not to mention the stunning views!


Info: Rooftop Mercury House, 109-117 Waterloo Rd, Bishop’s, London SE1 8UL, UK Tel: 442038928166


How to get to London?

You can travel to London from Europe, from the US, or from Canada by train, by air, or by car. The best way to get to London, especially if you are traveling from a non – European country, is by air. There are many low-cost airlines that connect non-European cities with London.


Where to stay in London?

The best areas to stay in London are London Bridge (London Eye), Baker Street (center of London), Hoxton, and Shoreditch (nightlife).


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What is the best time of the year to visit London?

London is beautiful all year round. But, in terms of weather the best time to travel to London is in spring (March and April) and fall (from mid-September until November).


What are the most famous attractions in London?

The most popular attractions in London are the London Eye, the Tower of London, and the Harry Potter Walking Tour in Central London. The best way to see the city’s attractions is by walking. You’re going to be walking a lot, so don’t forget to bring comfortable shoes with you.


What are the best foods to eat in London?

London’s food scene is fantastic! If you find yourself in London, don’t forget to taste the authentic English breakfast, traditional fish & chips, and Shepherd’s Pie. An afternoon English tea experience is also a must!


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With its imposing Buckingham Palace, beautiful River Thames, retro London Eye, and fascinating museums, London is one of the most amazing destinations for families and groups of friends alike -even just for a weekend getaway!


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Lovely post! London is one of my husband's and I favourite destinations. All the highlights you mention are worth visiting, but I would also add Saint Paul's Cathedral and Trafalgar Square to the list!

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